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Sarah Bourke


Australian contemporary Jewellery designer Sarah Bourke creates unique Jewellery, handcrafted from sterling silver and wood.

Working from my  off-grid studio on the far south coast of NSW I produces unique individual pieces of that last a lifetime. My Jewellery is available in many galleries and shops across Australia.

My design process explores the diverse raw shapes from our natural world. Each piece of jewellery is constructed using traditional silversmithing techniques with a focus on attention to detail and the essence of time and skill to create high quality finishes.
Each range is a unique expression of beauty from the natural environment that surrounds me.

In the online shop you can select from many designs that will be made just for you in your choice of wood with minimal turnaround alternately you can find ready to send Jewellery made to be posted same day.

Sarah Bourke on Insta

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